About Us

DSI is a subsidiary of Brand Institute and was created in 2004. We are dedicated to furthering the cause of drug safety and risk management issues that will improve safety. DSI will address risk assessment and management issues associated with nomenclature, labeling, and packaging of pharmaceutical and biological products.

With a long-held approach to minimizing medication errors due to name confusion, we developed a methodology that evaluates its new drug names comprehensively to ensure that prescribers, nurses, and pharmacists are less likely to confuse new drug names for other drugs or even other medical terminology. The creation of DSI takes that dedication to risk assessment, management, and preventing prescription errors even further by introducing an improved and multifaceted review process that is similar to FDA's review process.

At DSI our plan is to make the Brand Institute methodology for brand name safety testing even more reflective of the FDA's review process. In addition, DSI offers a medication error prevention analysis for new product labels and packaging and offers its expertise in various risk management strategies.